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★2×CAN, 1×RS232

★44 (24 inputs / 24 outputs)

★1×Vout(+5V/+10V, max 250mA),1×AO(0.6~5V, max 250mA)

Product Details

Specification 163×140.5×60 mm
Material cast aluminium alloy
Working Voltage 9~32V
Working Temperature -40~+85℃

Product Details

The mobile controller SPC-CFMC-D20N24A2 is an economical mobile controller jointly developed by German STW and SonnePower Electronics. This product has 2 CAN buses and 1 RS-232 communication, 44 IO resources, highly multiplexed ports, output ports can directly drive magnetic valves, 16 proportional valve PVC functions and 2 H-bridge functions; also has 2 orthogonal code inputs and 2 resistance inputs. In addition, the product can also be equipped with 72 LED status indicators, which is an ideal choice for the main control of small and medium-sized industrial machinery.

Product Features

CODESYS version: 2.3

IO: 44 (24 inputs / 24 outputs)

Communication: 2×CAN,suopport CANOpen/SAEJ1939/custom
16×PWMiH , 4×PWML , 2×H-bridge

1×Vout(+5V/+10V, max 250mA)

1×AO(0.6~5V, max 250mA)   

Up to 72 LED status indicators can be selected

IP class: IP65 (with indicator) / IP67 (without indicator)

Product Advantages

Comply with IEC-61131-3 standard; support CODESYS 2.3 programme微信图片_20210130103437.png

High product integration level, rich resources


D+function, support start & shut down detection微信图片_20210111142958.png

All ports have diagnosis & protection functions

-All ports support power/ground misconnection & output ports have short circuit/overheat protection.

-All output ports have open circuit detection function, convenient for fault diagnosis.