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★1×CAN,suopport CANOpen

★IO: 2 (2 inputs)

★2×DIH , 3×H-Bridge(15A),1×PWMiH/PWM/DO(6A)

Product Details

Specification 100×114.3×64.1 mm
Material aluminum housing
Working Voltage 8~32V
Working Temperature -40~+85℃

Product Details

SPM-SDIO-MD1 is an high power IO module  developed by SonnePower Electronics. The product has 1 CAN bus, 2 IO resources,3 H-Bridge(3A),1 PWMiH/PWM/DO(6A).In addition, the product also has the advantages of high protection level, small size, high integration, flexible port configuration, and high response speed, making it an ideal choice for the main controller in distributed applications.

Product Features

IO: 2 (2 inputs)

Communication: 1×CAN,suopport CANOpen

2×DIH , 3×H-Bridge(3A),1×PWMiH/PWM/DO(6A)

1  status indicator

IP class:IP67

Product Advantages

High current, multi output port, high protection level

High product integration level, rich resources


All ports have diagnosis & protection functions

-All ports support power/ground misconnection & output ports have short circuit/overheat protection.

-All output ports have open circuit detection function, convenient for fault diagnosis.