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Product Details

Specification 560×290×350 mm
Material cast aluminium alloy
Working Voltage high voltage:250 ~ 450VDC low voltage:9~32V
Working Temperature -40~+85℃

Product Details

MSP22-015F095X1500H210(A) is an integrated motor electric control powertrain with the design concept of integrated power.It integrates the core modules of electric control and motor.The product adopts the current advanced vector control algorithm and CAN bus communication technology, which can meet the needs of efficient assembly and efficient debugging of the sanitation vehicle and engineering machinery assembly system.The product can be applied to the motor drive and control system of the sanitation vehicle and engineering machinery , with high reliability, stability and safety.

Product Features

Integrated design concept, integrated motor controller and motor, the debugging efficiency is high;

Lightweight and high power density design, the total mass of powertrain is less than 15% of the split machine;

High system efficiency, system efficiency above 85% accounts for more than 85% of the whole work area;

Anti-electromagnetic interference, strong anti-shock and perfect protection mechanism;

Wide torque and speed control range;

Speed control and torque control mode, control accuracy within 3%;

High reliability automotive grade IGBT power module;

IGBT gate driver with integrated protection function;

Reliable fault detection and handling measures;

Structure design according to ISO26262 function and safety requirements;

CAN 2.0 communication interface;

Sensor and electric controller online fault diagnosis function;

Modify controller parameters by monitoring software;

Product Advantages

The MSP22-015F095X1500H210(A) has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, maintenance-free, strong electromagnetic compatibility and convenient debugging.It improves the reliability of the system, and realizes the high integration of the driving system of the sanitation vehicle (fan, water pump, oil pump).


Product parameters: