Cloud Platform

Relying on self-developed core products and an in-depth understanding of the host equipment and vehicle control system, SonnePower has launched the "SonnePower Cloud Service" for machine intelligence. This platform breaks the traditional software architecture and establishes new software with scalability, supports large concurrency, heavy load, integration and sharability.
The platform can adapt to rapid upgrades, support individualization, and is easy to operate and maintain. It can not only meet the internal equipment management needs of enterprises, but also provide customers with high-quality value-added services.

Platform Characteristics
  • 1Based on own link products (display screen, wireless terminal) to realize unimpeded connection to the cloud.

  • 2Based on self-developed control system core components, open up all core control units, to realize remote upgrade and maintenance of the application layer and the bottom layer, and remote deployment function.

  • 3Construct a framework scheme for an intelligent integrated electronic control system. For different devices and models, the cloud supports the configuration of the secondary development system, and realizes the digital and visual management of the electronic control system in the cloud.

  • 4Realize real-time location monitoring, operating status monitoring, and working condition analysis of the operating equipment, with functions such as fault self-check, fault alarm, remote debugging, vulnerable parts management and maintenance, cloud data storage, cloud data analysis, etc., to promote the application of construction machinery host to be more energy-saving, safer, preciser and smarter.